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ABT Time

Dec 21, 2021

We are producing a series of books applying “The Narrative Gym” to different disciplines.  BUSINESS was released in September with coauthor Park Howell.  POLITICS will be released in January with coauthor Dave Gold.  In this episode we discuss the current release of LAW with coauthor Doug Passon.

Doug Passon

Dec 7, 2021

Adam Welz is South African and a prolific nature writer, photographer and filmmaker whose work has appeared frequently in The Guardian and Yale 360.  He speaks passionately in this discussion about the worldwide decline of freshwater fish diversity — the most threatened group of vertebrates.  He also...

Nov 15, 2021

Team Unclenchable (Randy Olson with Aussies Jen Martin, Jayde Lovell, and Rod Lamberts) holds its third assembly to discuss the future of humanity and our fate as eventual slaves to A.I., along with special guest surf photographer and part-time nuclear physicist-wannabe Brian Bielmann.

Rod Lamberts

Oct 31, 2021

30 years ago Randy Olson and “Cultural Liaison” Ed Leydecker filmed, “Salt of the Earth: A Journey to the Heart of Maine Lobster Fishermen,” with Brian, Stevie, and Steve Robbins, Sr. Last year Stevie passed away at age 76. This is a conversation with Brian, Ed and Randy talking about lobster fishing, bridging...

Oct 18, 2021

Learn how Dr. Shirley Malcom and Dr. Randy Olson are “Parking Lot Soul Mates,” as well as fellow Good Troublemakers.

Randy Olson​

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