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ABT Time

Oct 31, 2021

30 years ago Randy Olson and “Cultural Liaison” Ed Leydecker filmed, “Salt of the Earth: A Journey to the Heart of Maine Lobster Fishermen,” with Brian, Stevie, and Steve Robbins, Sr. Last year Stevie passed away at age 76. This is a conversation with Brian, Ed and Randy talking about lobster fishing, bridging...

Oct 18, 2021

Learn how Dr. Shirley Malcom and Dr. Randy Olson are “Parking Lot Soul Mates,” as well as fellow Good Troublemakers.

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Oct 11, 2021

Dr. Maryanne Garry, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at University of Waikato in New Zealand talks to Randy and Jen about the teaching of psychology, neuro-skepticism, and and the results of the two Story Circles (narrative training) that they ran in 2019.


Oct 4, 2021

Randy Olson has a tremendous discussion with one of his all-time journalist heroes, Mark Dowie as they dive deep into the history of the American environmental movement (Mark’s 1995 book “Losing Ground”) then explore indigenous sovereignty with Mark's 2017 book, “The Haida Gwai Lesson: A strategic playbook for...