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ABT Time

Apr 9, 2024

By last year the time had come for a shift in our ABT training program.  We ran Story Circles for 5 years until the pandemic forced us to shift from in-person to online training.  Then last year we began getting the signals that people were growing tired of sitting in front of computer screens.  THEREFORE … we came up with a new form of training, The DAY BT Program.

In this episode, our first of the year (been a very busy year) we update you on all things ABT, give a detailed description of the DAY BT (which we’re now running with World Bank, National Park Service, Global Health Labs, and others), then bring on recent college graduate Hailey Woodworth who is now working as our “Quantifier,” applying the new simple PCI metrics we’ve developed for analyzing the structure of ABTs for an entire group to assess their progress and guide their further work on the ABT.

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