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ABT Time

May 26, 2021

Brian Palermo, long time collaborator of Randy Olson, joins Randy and Jen Martin to talk about improv training for scientists, why he doesn’t like “The Herald,” and donut shops.

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May 20, 2021

Randy Olson and Jen Martin are joined by fisheries biologist Julie Claussen to discuss four narrative elements in last week’s episode: 1) Narrative structure, 2) Message discipline, 3) Simplicity, and 4) Argumentation.

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May 13, 2021

Fire ecology experts Dr. Christy Brigham (National Park Service, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks) and Dr. Euan Ritchie (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Deakin University) join hosts Jen Martin and Randy Olson in an ABT-structured discussion of the issue of wildfire (California) and bushfire (Australia)....

May 6, 2021

Randy Olson and newly appointed Australian Correspondent Jen Martin discuss the idea of “Dobzhansky Checking,” have fun with stories about Richard Dawkins, and examine a science communication study that “isn’t even wrong.”

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